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Date published: Monday 7th August 2017 2:00

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Morata v Lukaku?
Do you guys remember the big debate this summer? Lukaku vs Morata. It maybe early days but I have seen nothing from Morata to justify the money Chelsea paid for him. Lukaku however was abused, ridiculed and even called unintelligent in multiple occasions. Yet he seems to have found a way to goal more frequently. The more intelligent, and genius Morata cannot seem to solve simple puzzles like a Benfica defence or a Seville defence, didn’t start vs Chelsea.

I maybe watching a different game, after all I don’t have Sky or BT, I stream everything, but I don’t see how the educated pundits ended up saying Morata was more intelligent than Lukaku.

I don’t have had a problem with Morata (I wish him and his family all the money they can get), but I hate the fact that pundits decided to call Lukaku unintelligent and Morata smarter with no evidence to support their claims. The two didn’t do an A-levels exam in which Morata scored higher, all we have is footage and footage in which one guy end up scoring lots of goals and another is always in the bench. Yet the bench warmer is more intelligent. Did Morata solve the quantum gravity equation? No. Does he even have a degree? I doubt it. So where did the intelligence talk come from?

My conclusion is that the media pundits are stupid, clueless, in fact they are Kardashian level ignorant. We all know what it is, it has a name, it’s being addressed by FIFA somewhat, but we have a media that is more than willing to dig the chasm and spread the hate. If we can stop journalists that are clearly biased and deny them airtime, the issue could be half solved.
Dave (I managed to write the entire letter without saying the word, it’s all in black and white), Somewhere


Arsenal fans getting a bit giddy…
Well THAT was good.

Arsenal won another trophy at Spurs’ home ground. And it IS a trophy mind you. Just ask Jose.

Onto the actual match, I thought our midfield duo was brilliant. Xhaka completed 100% of his passes apparently and hopefully the people saying Elneny is sh*t and only does easy passes against weak teams can p*ss off. Our new signings were also very good. Laca looked much better today than in pre-season. Kola is a tank. A fan favourite in the making. Iwobi looked like he can be an able deputy to Ozil or Sanchez when either of the two are rested or injured or have left the club. Oh, and I’ll have Monreal in my back three every-f*cking-time.

Now onto Chelsea. It was nice of us to beat them to a trophy once again. You can have the pre-season victories chums. Victor Moses did a diving celebration thinking he had redeemed himself only for Batman to go and f*ck it all up. I’ve heard some people say that Morata for £56m is a bargain. I think £30m would have been about right for him.
Franco (Courtois thought he was taking a goal-kick) Goa


…Excellent, well on our way to that coveted (Mourhino) Treble.
David, California


Three thoughts
Let’s get this straight:

1) Pedro is a nasty b**tard and was quite rightly sent off.

2) The incident between Cahill and Mertesaker was unfortunate but it was an accident. Sh*t happens.

3) Willian didn’t dive (bad call by the ref). But it also was not a foul and, ergo, definitely not a penalty. He tripped over! It happened to me after the game! In my defence it was 1.30am and whilst I did sprain my ankle my kebab remained intact. Score!

Kind regards,
Al, Arsenal, Sydney (big shout-out to the Empire Bar in Kings Cross for showing the game!)


Kolasinac the hero; Bellerin the funless Eboue
Did anyone else think Hector Bellerin just played like Emmanuel Eboue but just without any of the fun? He just looked like the idea of playing football was entirely new to him and was miles off the pace.

Kolasinac just looks like all the fun though – I hope gets a bandana to wear on all his rampages forward.
Sal (why was Koscielny banned but Moses okay to play?)

(Koscielny wasn’t banned; just rested – Ed)


A bird in the hand…
Is it that difficult for these so-called professional pundits to think about the logic behind the statements they make?

You have most of them saying how its imperative that Arsenal keep Sanchez or they cannot compete, and then seconds later say that if City/PSG comes in with 50mil it’s a done deal as its impossible to keep a modern player on the books if he is (supposedly) unhappy. News flash, Arsenal cannot force Sanchez ro sign a contract, howecer theybare within their rights to ask him to see you the final year.

In my mind he is far more valuable asset as a player than as 50m worth of currency.

Lets say Arsenal manage to sell the fringe players (Gibbs, Jenkinson, Debuchy, Perez) for a collective 15m. Add the 10m from the Sczezny sale and that’s approx 50% of the spend on Lacazette and Kolasinac back. So the net spend for the season would be 25m, which is peanuts in this current market and also gives Arsenal the best chance of competing on all fronts.

Even if Sanchez leaves next summer the savings made Arsenal could afford to spend 150m in the transfer market to replace him. Specially considering the net spend for this year is only around 20m.

Arsene has got it right. Sanchez stays for the season, scores 20 goals, helps us to a trophy or Top Four finish and then can move on. The fans will easily accept it without a doubt.
Hatim (Got my first AFC season tix so really hope he stays) Melbounite in London


Not worried about Spurs lack of signings
Why are Spurs fans getting so excited at the lack of any new players being signed up so far this summer. How many of the players signed by the so called top six clubs in this current transfer window would (A) actually be better than those currently in Spurs main first eleven. None of them. (B) Who do the fans suggest we go out and try to sign, Barkley, He is not good enough to replace Dembele, Dier or Wanyama.

We do need a bit more cover by established players to cover injuries etc especially when competing in CL. We have some very promising youngsters but that’s all they are, promising, maybe a couple will make it eventually but that’s for the future. Spurs biggest trouble is they refuse to pay top salaries and until they do we will always struggle to tempt the real big names that become available every now and then.

Joe Lewis is waiting until our new ground is complete then he will sell the club to either an American or Far Eastern consortium and only then will Spurs truly compete in the big transfer deals, we have a brilliant manager but eventually he will tire of lack of transfer funds and depart and once again we will start all over again. Full of promises but nil trophies until Lewis and his sidekick Levy depart.
Reg Colman, Spurs nut for past 70 years


Will Iheanacho flop?
First-time caller, long-time listener. Wondering about people’s thoughts on the Iheanacho deal. The general consensus among the footballing community is that of a tidy signing for Leicester, some labelling it a ‘snip’ at 25 million for a player whos scored 16 league goals in his career. Now I’m fully aware his goals to game ratio was ridiculous the season before last however how many of them goals were last-minute meaningless 4th or 5th goals to round off a rout? How many were three-yard tap-ins? He’s surrounding himself with Demarai gray and Marc Albrighton now and not KDB and David Silva. I shall smother my lips in humble pie as he opens his account this Friday against my beloved Arsenal…
Dean, Vancouver


Thank you
I discovered your site in May this year. It’s such a joy to read decent football news. I actually save your site for my bed time reading. Just so I can wash out the garbage footie news which I read on the red tops during the day.
Ryan MUFC (Hoping the team does well this year)

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