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Date published: Monday 7th August 2017 7:00

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Despairing at the lack of Spurs action
As a fan and shareholder, I try to be realistic about Spurs’ ambitions and the manner in which we need to do our business. Generally the club is well run but we make appalling mistakes too. Sissoko is our most recent disaster, but these mistakes are not isolated nor cheap [remember Bentley, Soldado, Adebayor, Paulinho…]. The club’s transfer business, contrary to some of the stories peddled about our well remunerated Chairman, is not always carried out with Dele Alli-like precision and while second in the PL was fantastic last year, there were some serious questions raised elsewhere.

Chief amongst these were how to improve upon our struggles in the CL and whether we can be competitive on dual fronts. The CL campaign, more than anything, highlighted the issues on the field: do we have the personnel to press on a huge pitch, where is our pace up top [especially at counter-attack moments against better teams that we don’t dominate in terms of possession] and is the squad deep enough in a couple of key areas [a viable back-up for Kane, wide midfield/options especially when Eriksen is unavailable and replacements for Walker (totally fecked now, if Trippier’s injury is bad) and Wimmer (surely he has to be sold)]? None of these have been resolved so far this summer. This is not about spending silly money [we can’t and won’t do that]. It’s about acquiring players in a smart, proactive and timely manner that enhance the first XI squad [and we haven’t even tried to do that]. Instead we’ll get a few token, late additions to the squad just before the window closes…please Mr. Levy, NO last minute Sissoko debacles. Know this a radical idea, but how about in future years we have our personnel in place for pre-season and day one of the PL!?

The main gripe amongst Spurs fans continues to be that the Club is about ££££ first and football second. Mr. Levy’s stated goal is to run the club in a financially responsible fashion, that is, keep debt as low as possible. As plain as the nose on my face, the overriding consideration in this [not so] ‘cunning plan’ is to maximize ENIC’s profits when the club is sold on [as was the case with the 2007 share issue that enabled ENIC to obtain more shares on the cheap]. Personally I think it’s a crying shame that the game and our club have got to this point.

With that all said, think we’re in a dogfight with the Gooners and Klopp’s mob to finish fourth. And the CL will be a bust…AGAIN.

Chris B


…In response to Phil, London. This time last year, Son was a flop. Yet Spurs fans will tell you he has become a bit of legend. Given the time to bed in and work with the coaching staff, he’s become a first team player upon whom we can rely. Of the two players you mentioned, Sissoko is rumoured to be on his way, and he has been rubbish. However, he was signed without a preseason and was asked to step into a system with which he was unfamiliar. But if he stays, a preseason under Poch may see him come good. He is not as pants as his performances thus far would suggest. Janssen, meanwhile, has a great deal of good will from the Spurs fans and we all hope that he can score goals and link play on the days when Harry needs a rest. We will struggle to sign better than him as a back up to Kane.

The simple fact is that Spurs have become an oddly unattractive proposition. Their first team is pretty special, so any signing has to realise that they will have to work. This is just the way Poch wants it and hence we seem to only attract the young and hungry. Add our wage structure, which presents us paying stupid money (let’s be frank, it’s the only reason Kyle Walker left) and it becomes difficult to attract top players. Why would Morata compete with Kane when he can walk into Chelsea’s first team?

I trust Poch and love him more than any man should love his manager, but am left questioning the wisdom of relying on Josh Onomah to be the back up to Christian Eriksen. Time will, I suppose, tell.
Jim Bags (Bedfordshire) (Wembley will shaft us so it is all irrelevant)


Neymar: Not underrated at all
Did JazGooner just inadvertently sum up exactly why Neymar chose to leave Barca? I remember after that comeback against PSG, so much of the Spanish press had pictures of Messi on the back page that you’d be forgiven for thinking he single-handedly won them the game. In fact Neymar won the penalty for Messi’s goal, scored the free kick to make it 4-1 on the night, scored the penalty that really got them back into it and, played the pass for Sergi Roberto’s winner. He was absolutely unplayable on the night and got overlooked. Maybe, you don’t rate him is for that exact reason and he’ll actually get the plaudits he deserves in Paris.
D.O (when did mailboxers stop signing off with the club they support?) LFC


…November 2015, 3 Irish men and an American travelled over to Barcelona to see the greatest attack in the world rip apart a David Moyes inspired Real Sociedad (sadly he got sacked days before the game, much to our disappointment and amusement).

At the end of a thoroughly entertaining 4-0 Barcelona victory, the four of us walked out the Camp Nou all saying the same thing – “Neymar is out of this world”.

Now the entire Barcelona team played incredible exhibition style football that evening and I am sure Messi was “marked out of it” but I never got the sense watching Barcelona on television that Neymar made every touch seem exciting. Of course, the Barcelona fans were and are spoilt but every time he got the ball, the crowd were prepared for something amazing – he was so clearly enjoying every moment of it as well. Three Man United fans left the stadium all saying he was the best player any of us had ever seen live (we had all been to Old Trafford during the Ronaldo, Rooney and even Cantona glory days – these were just our reference points).

And this was your average Barcelona La Liga match, I can only imagine how much Neymar relishes the big occasions.

Since that day I have always felt if any player deserves to break the transfer record, it was Neymar. The figures behind it all are mind – boggling but I urge any football fans to go see a PSG game in the near future – Parc des Princes has certainly just shot up to the top 10 football venues I want to see a game in. Neymar has single handedly convinced me to visit.
Brian (my fantasy whatsapp group is just links to f365!) Ireland


They can never make a profit on Neymar
Paris St Germain paid €220 million to buy Neymar, with an extra €100m or so to go on French taxes.

They’re then going to pay Neymar about €900,000 per week net (French readers, feel free to correct me if I’ve got your taxation system wrong) for five years; which is before bonus clauses and what I asume will be automatic salary increases.

On top of all that, there are whatever once-off payments PSG made to Neymar/Neymar’s dad/whoever else Neymar likes in order to get the deal done.

Now I’m no economist, but after checking with my trusty calculator, I’ve realised that PSG will have spend roughly a gajillion euro on Neymar by the time his contract has finished. That nice Qatari man I saw at the press conference today can say what he wants about all the Neymar ice-cream bars they’re going to sell, but common sense would say they it’s impossible for PSG to ever make a profit on this deal.

And I’m sure they don’t care. Which is probably why everyone is so annoyed about it.
Stephen O’S, MUFC


Football: Small potatoes
I have to say that I really don’t get the hand-wringing about how much Neymar cost or gets paid. This happens every time, and I can’t understand why we fixate on the celebrity’s salary and never on the wealth of the people who are paying that salary.

I don’t know how to say this without sounding crude, but football is small potatoes. If you owned every club in the Premier League (which includes half of the ten richest clubs in the world) that would put you somewhere around the top 2000th company in the world, provided you didn’t run it into the ground, in such illustrious company as Bajaj Auto and Gjensidige Forsikring (they sell insurance).

I’m happy for Neymar – he’s got generational wealth for his entire family now. But let’s not kid ourselves about the scale. Even if Neymar got to keep the entire fee check from Qatar instead of passing it on to Barcalona, plus he got his entire contracted salary as an immediate lump sum, AND he didn’t have to pay taxes on any of it, he’d still not be getting even 1% of Jeff Bezos’s personal wealth.

The Qatari ruling family could buy Neymar 500 times over, still have enough left over to buy every Premier League team at full list price, and even after that would still be wealthier than Roman Abramovich.

Is Neymar getting crazy money? Absolutely. But if you’re going to start making this into “think of what that money could do if it went to charity” there’s a few thousand people who you should be saying that about before you get to him.
Derby (Happy to provide figures on these) NYBlues


Trying to bring us joy
I’ve read this site for years. With gusto. I’m not entirely sure what that word means but I’m using it. Just read the gossip (obvs). And I reckon you need a hug. Or, at least, someone to remind you of the beauty of life. This is a cool thing to see. Some random Norwegian girl comes to Dublin and sees beauty where noone else does. I’m presuming she’s aware of football.

John O’Shea’s mum

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